Entry #7

Mr.Chomp's Revenge!

2008-08-26 05:43:09 by maddskill

Mr.Chomp's Revenge! Is my new game, for Halloween about a deamon who decides to go kill some people on Halloween! (yes there is a plot line not just a random killing spree)

Progress- Enemy's. Coins(in a violent sorta way). Multiple attacks. Menu Health Bar.

To do list!- Bosses. Cut scenes. Power-Ups. Levels. Un-lockable playable charters.

But here's the big thing.
I'm kind of new at Action Script, though i know the basics. I'm afraid I lack the knowledge and coding skills to make the game as good as I picture it. Therefore I'm looking for a partner to help with coding. A 50/50 partnership. I do all animation and art. You will deal with most of the coding. You WILL be co-authored. And given full recondition and anything that comes with it. If interested PM me! Thanks everybody!

note: The picture was taken in very begging of the game being created. Theirs ALOT more done now.

Mr.Chomp's Revenge!


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2008-08-27 03:59:50

I can code this for you :D. From the character, to the HitTests!